Lodge & Thomas have a Private Treaty Department for sales privately, direct from the producer to you.

Throughout the year we have various items for sale, ranging from pedigree breeding bulls, dairy stock and stock from TB-restricted farms, fodder including standing grass, baled silage, hay, straw, farming and dairy equipment.   

We also deal in the sale and purchase of Basic Payment Entitlements.  

If you are interested in any of the items we have for sale or would be interested in discussing your marketing options with us either by telephone or on-farm through our fieldsman, Patrick Dennis, who is happy to pay you a visit, please contact us.  


Private Treaty Department Contacts:

Office  01872 272722
Patrick Dennis  (PD) 07889 600160
Andrew Body    (AEB) 07785 278790
Bob Mosley       (RJM) 07771 817307
Tim Ryland        (TSR) 07713 587001
Ross Collins      (ROC) 07966 589188
Ed Harris           (EJH) 07977 662443
Shaun Preece    (SDP) 07774 005908





  • 40 round bales (Net) 2019 Meadow Hay - Easy access for loading - Mawgan Porth (SDP)
  • 160 Round bales 1st cut medium-dry 2018 wrapped silage - Camborne (AEB)
  • 50 tonnes Wheat Straw in big square Heston bales 6-string & 100 bales Barley Straw in big square Heston bales 4-string - Stithians area – Free delivery within a 15 miles radius (TSR)

STANDING MAIZE For Sale by Private Treaty

26 acres standing maize for sale by Private Treaty in the Roseland area.

In three fields with good main road access. Variety - “Agiraxx” Enquiries to the Auctioneers 01872 272722

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Variety “ES Lovely” - Details below. Enquiries to Natahn Osborne 01872 272722. 




Dairy Heifer Dispersal

A genuine dispersal sale of dairy heifers to include:

  • 3 in-calf pure-bred Ayrshire heifers (22/23mo) AI’d to Pedigree Ayrshire Obliques Far & due Christmas
  • 2 pure Ayrshire heifers 11mo
  • 28 Holstein Friesian heifers 9-13mo

All out of herd with an average of 8300 litres @ 4.2%bf, 3.4%pt.

On a grass based system.

All sires by Semex with high PLI.

A well-reared & grown bunch of cattle, highly recommended.



12 Hereford x Stirks

A consignment of 12 Hereford x stirks 4/5 months old, all named-sires, comprising 4 steers & 8 heifers. Have been reared on suckler cows and creep fed.

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9 Aberdeen Angus Stores

9 nice Aberdeen Angus x store cattle from 14-18mo, all named sires (8 heifers & 1 steer)



210 Super Stores

A superb bunch of 210 store cattle, all out of Holstein Friesian cows, very well-reared & grown for their age. Early viewing recommended. Can be split to meet purchasers’ requirements, comprising:-

  • 65 steers & 65 heifers average age 13mo

Younger Group

  • 90 British Blue x steers average age 11mo
  • Also heifers from this age group may be available.



80 Stirks

A grand bunch of 80 well-reared and well-grown quality stirks (can be split to meet purchasers’ requirements) comprising:

  • 36 British Blue x steers & 18 heifers
  • 1 Limousin x steer
  • 10 Hereford x steers & 5 heifers
  • 1 Devon x steer
  • 1 Aberdeen Angus x steer
  • 2 Friesian steers
  • 1 Fleckvieh x steer
  • 1 Danish Red x steer



3 young Pedigree Aberdeen Angus bulls:

  • “Camel Valley Epic U142” DoB 2/4/18
  • “Camel Valley Ernie U143” DoB 2/4/18
  • “Camel Valley Perseus U144” DoB 4/4/18

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Genuine reduction sale from the Retanna Herd of Pedigree Devon Cattle

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To include 5 Pedigree cows with their March/April born Calves at foot to include 2 pedigree Hfr calves by Ford Abbey Omega

6 Pedigree heifers 27-28 m.o by Bywood Ringo 2nd

6 Pedigree heifers 15-16 m.o by Challenge Rocko 

A genuine reduction sale of quality stock from this closed herd, most highly recommended 


Pedigree Holstein Friesian Bull – Cornwall (PD)

“Richaven Approach ET” 2½yo Pedigree Holstein Friesian bull

Sire: Walnutlawn Solomon ET by Val Bisson Doorman ET

Dam: Richaven Goldwyn Adrienne by Braedale Goldwyn PI

DoB: 23/01/17



17 Stirks – Cornwall (PD)

17 well-reared stirks all out of Friesian cows, 5-9mo, comprising:

  • 12 Hereford x heifers 
  • 4 Aberdeen Angus x heifers
  • 1 British Blue x heifer

Can be split to meet purchasers’ requirements.



3 Pedigree Charolais Bulls – Cornwall (PD)

3 quality Pedigree Charolais bulls aged 14-15mo, semen tested, BVD accredited. Great potential, with success at Royal Cornwall Show.



TB-RESTRICTED 57 Young Stores – Cornwall (PD)

A bunch of 57 young store cattle out of Friesian cows, all tested for BVD.

Comprising: British Blue x & Hereford x

5x 14mo, 1x 13mo, 1x 12mo and 50x 10-11mo



TB-RESTRICTED 40 Calves – Cornwall (PD)

40 strong calves about to be weaned 3-4mo, out of Friesian or Norwegian Red cows. Still having a drop of milk but ready to wean.

Comprising: British Blue x, Limousin x, Hereford x, Simmental x and few Aberdeen Angus x



TB RESTRICTED 26 Aberdeen Angus x – Cornwall (PD)

A well reared bunch of 26 named-sired Aberdeen Angus x steers & heifers, all out of Friesian cows, comprising:

11 steers & 15 heifers 



Pedigree Herefords – Cornwall (PD)


YOUNG BULLS 3 Pedigree Hereford Bulls 14-15mo  Download


IN-CALF HEIFERS 5 Pedigree Hereford In-Calf Heifers due September on to Pedigree Hereford  Download


10 Suckler Cows & Calves 

A consignment of suckler cows with their Pedigree-sired Hereford x calves at foot comprising:-

6 Spring calving cows - 1 Pedigree Hereford cow, 3 Hereford x cows (1x 5yo & 2x 6yo), 1 Limousin x cow 9yo, 1 Aberdeen Angus x cow 5yo all with their March born Hereford x calves at foot.

4 Autumn calving cows - 1 pure Hereford cow 8yo, 1 Hereford x cow 8yo, 2 Aberdeen Angus x cows 5yo & 4yo all being scanned back in-calf due September onwards to the Pedigree Hereford bull and sold with their 6/7mo Hereford x calves at foot.



4 Top quality Pengwedna Pedigree Limousin bulls 2 yrs rising.



Stock Bulls

  • Pedigree North Devon stock bull 4yo (AEB)
  • Hereford 4yo heifer bull (AEB)

Saler Bull - Cornwall

Pure bred Saler bull 17 months old.


Limousin Bulls

Excellent quality Limousin bulls for sale. Up to 28mo, strong, ready to work. Johne's & BVD accredited. BTB10 Certificate (TB-free for 10+ years).


Pedigree Hereford Bull 

"Laniley Tom (DH)" 19mo Pedigree Hereford bull, BVD & Johne's Accredited.

  • Sire: Alanna Bruce (DH)
  • Dam: Alanna Plesent (DH)
  • DoB: 20/03/17 






33 store cattle from 8-19mo, all out of big Friesian cows, well-reared & grown for their age. Farm Assured. Can be split to meet purchasers’ requirements, comprising:

  • 10 Limousin x steers (11-16mo)
  • 2 British Blue x steers (13 & 16mo)
  • 1 Aberdeen Angus x steer (11mo)
  • 4 Friesian steers (1x 14mo, 3x 18/19mo)
  • 5 Limousin x heifers (11-16mo)
  • 2 British Blue x heifers (13/14mo)

Younger Cattle 

  • 6 Limousin x steers (7-10mo)
  • 1 Friesian steer (11mo)
  • 2 Limousin x heifers (8-10mo)