Truro Market - Wednesday 28th April

Store Cattle entries include....

inc. 35 from one farm – 17 B.Blue, 6 Limousin, 6 A.Angus, 6 Hereford x strs & hfrs 6-10mo; 17 from another farm – 10 South Devon x, 4 B.Blue x, 3 Friesian strs 9-14mo F/A; 10 Limousin x strs & 4 B.Blue x strs & hfrs 18mo; 20 suckler-bred Limousin x 12-15mo; 8 n/s Hereford x strs 12-14mo F/A; 5 s-bred Hereford, South Dev & Charolais x strs 10-12mo; 8 B.Blue 2yo+; 7 A.Angus x & 2 B.Blue x 6-7mo out of Fr cows F/A; 18 pure Charolais 12mo




Farm Assurance has become even more important with yet another of our main buyers only being able to purchase Farm Assured cull cows or bulls. If you are not Farm Assured and wish to apply to become assured we can provide contact details.  



Vendors are reminded that all cattle moved to market must be accompanied by a movement/entry form, completed by the vendor. These forms are being checked every week to ensure that the regulations are being adhered to.

These forms are available from the Auctioneers.

Cattle Entry Form



Legislation came into force on 1st January 2010 requiring slaughterhouse operators to "receive, check and act upon" Food Chain Information (FCI) for all cattle sent for slaughter for human consumption. This is part of the "farm-to-fork" approach to food safety introduced by the Hygiene Regulations from the beginning of 2006. FCI has been progressively implemented over the ensuing years with poultry in 2006, pigs in 2008, calves in 2009 and now cattle and sheep in 2010.

From 1st January 2010 producers selling cattle for slaughter are required to sign a FCI Declaration. Meat from animals slaughtered without a FCI Form will not be approved for human consumption until the FCI for the animal is received by the slaughterhouse.

It is essential therefore that the FCI Declaration is received by the Auctioneers before the animals are presented for sale.

For Cattle Vendors the appropriate declaration will be incorporated in our normal Cattle Movement Form. These are available from the Auctioneers. All vendors entering cattle for sale through the slaughter ring after 1st January 2010 must sign this Movement Form which should accompany stock to the Market.

Should producers wish to discuss these new regulations please speak to one of the Auctioneers.



The Ministry have announced that with immediate effect cattle without both primary and secondary ear tags are no longer permitted to be sold through the market.

The Ministry will prevent Auctioneers from selling cattle without the correct ear tags and will insist that they are returned immediately to the holding of origin.