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Wednesday's Market Report

  • Wednesday 3rd August

    Last Wednesday 3rd August Top Prices

    Prime Cattle to 248p/kg & £1,515

    Cull Cows to 194p/kg & £1,471

    Store Cattle to £1,175

    Cows & Calves to £1,325

    Rearing Calves to £310

    Stirks to £430

    Prime Lambs to 280p/kg & £125.50

    Cull Ewes to £145

    Store Lambs to £94.50

  • 12th September

    Prime to 224p/kg, Stores to £1,070, Lambs to 199p/kg!


       53  Prime Cattle: UTM Steers to 224/kg & £1,455 av. 188.60p/kg, Heifers to 196p/kg & £1,343 av. 170.57p/kg, OTM Steers to 154p/kg, … more

  • 5th September

    Prime to 209p/kg, Stores to £1,165, Lambs to 200p/kg!


       34  Prime Cattle: UTM Steers to 209/kg av. 187p/kg, Heifers to 206p/kg & £1,287 av. 182.57p/kg, OTM Steers to 150p/kg, Heifers to 143p/ … more