No matter how many or how few, inform the Auctioneers so that we can notify Buyers:- 

Tel. 01872 272722 or Text 07977 662443 Ed Harris / 07966 589188 Ross Collins


West Country PGI Farm Declaration (LAMB/HOG)  

Our buyers are becoming increasingly interested in PGI. As a Farm Assured producer, we hope you will be eligible to sell prime lambs under the West Country PGI trademark, so long as you meet the PGI requirements listed below, primarily that the lambs have been born and reared in the West Country.  

There is a PGI Declaration Form which we need you to complete and send in each time you sell prime lambs at the Market. Without this declaration, which must include your Farm Assurance sticker, we will not be able to sell your lambs as West Country PGI.  

PGI Lamb Requirements 

  • Born, reared and finished within the West Country Region comprising of the six counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.
  • Are no more than 12 months of age.
  • During their lifetime have been fed on minimum 70% forage based diet and have received a suitable period of grazing, typically 2 months. (Supplements may have been fed at weaning and finishing stage and ingredients and purchasing records have been maintained on the animal feeding log). 

PGI Forms will be included with your cheque each week and are downloadable below or available to complete at the Office on Market day. If you have any questions or queries on this please speak to Bob Mosley on 01872 272722. 

PGI Lamb Form



 LAMBS (for slaughter before 12 months of age) 

Lambs must be identified by an EID tag, either:- 

  • A single yellow EID slaughter tag, or
  • Full EID - one yellow EID tag and a matching non-EID tag 


Breeding sheep require full EID (two eartags as above), as currently. 


We are now only allowed to sell ewes which have electronic ID tags to the open market. Ewes presented to us with old manual eartags will only be permitted to be sold to our slaughterhouse/abattoir buyers.



Purchasers are reminded of the procedure for movement licences accompanying sheep bought at Truro Market. We will provide you with two copies of the licence and accompanying EID eartag printout. One copy is for the retention of yourself as purchaser, the other is to be signed and sent to Defra. As before, we are happy to send off this half of the movement licence for you if you sign it on collection from the Sheep Office. If not, the new address to post your signed movement licences to is:- Animal Reporting and Movement Service (ARAMS), SouthWestern, PO Box 6299, Milton Keynes, MK10 1ZQ within 3 days. 

Vendors are reminded that all sheep moved to market must be accompanied by a sheep movement licence. We have licences available at our Sheep Office or contact SouthWestern as above. The "Food Chain Information (FCI)" and "Total number of animals" sections must be completed. It is essential that vendors of prime lambs and hogs who are Farm Assured also complete a PGI Form (see above) with their Farm Assurance sticker - NO STICKER = NO FARM ASSURANCE!!

Sheep Movement Licence



Each week in our Market Reports we publish a list of the top averages and top prices per head for prime lambs and hoggets. Throughout the year, points are awarded to producers achieving top averages and prices as follows:-  

  • Each week producers achieving the top average and top price per head will each be awarded 3 points, second highest - 2 points and third highest - 1 point.
  • In each category, only producers' top price pen to score.
  • Minimum of 6 lambs/hoggets a pen.
  • Points will apply to both hoggets and new season lambs (hoggets scored up to and including the second market in May).  

A Challenge Cup and £100 will be awarded to the producer achieving 1st place with the highest number of points, 2nd - £50, 3rd - £25 and 4th - £15.

It is hoped that our much valued customers will enjoy competing.   



We were pleased to announce the results of our Annual Sheep Points Competition for the 2019. Each week points are awarded to the producers whose lambs and hoggets achieve leading prices per head and average prices p/kg. The competition continues to recognise quality and producers’ support of the Sheep Market.

Well done to the prize winning top four accumulated scores:-

  • 1st Prize - cash prize of £100 & presented with the Jim Large Perpetual Trophy- Mr. R.A. Coad, Cubert 84 points
  • 2nd Prize - £50 cash prize awarded to Messrs. T.B. & M.B. Osborne, St. Eval 50 points
  • 3rd Prize - £25 cash prize awarded to Messrs. P.T.R. & P.E. Jones & Son, Crantock 47 points
  • 4th Prize - £15 cash prize -awarded to Mr. P. & Mrs. E.M.J. Eggins, St. Breock 41 points 

We would like to thank all of our vendors for their support and helping us to grow the lamb/hog throughput of Truro Market in 2019. We look forward to working with you in 2020 and please do keep notifying us of your entries!!


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