We regularly assist our rural and farming clients with personalised long-term funding through the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (AMC). As AMC Agents, we can assist you with bespoke funding to support your farming and rural businesses. When we help you access AMC finance, you will receive a swift response on your funding proposal.

You will also benefit from:

  • Competitive mortgage rates, with interest-only and repayment options available or a blend of both
  • Rates can be set for the life of the agreement, unlike many other secured loans or overdraft agreements
  • No annual reviews or the need to see annual accounts – we leave you alone to get on with the business of farming
  • No early repayment charges for variable rate loans
  • Finance secured against land as well as property to help you increase the capital you can raise
  • Loans and mortgage agreements can be transferred to the next generation
  • Access to AMC’s experienced and knowledgeable support teams who understand the sector’s unique funding needs
  • Funding decisions that can be approved in principle before you make a sealed bid or go to auction

Please note that the above are subject to AMC credit criteria and your obligations to AMC continuing to be met.

For further information please contact Andrew Body or Antony Harris 01872 272722