27 acres inc. Open Cast Mine and Woodland

Mulberry Mine, Withielgoose

A unique and most unusual opportunity to acquire approx. 27 acres of land comprising wooded/amenity land and the former Mulberry Downs Quarry – a large disused open cast mine

  • 10½ acres of wooded amenity land including Mulberry Downs Quarry, an open cast mine approx. 275m long x 40m wide x 36m deep
  • Just under 15 acres of woodland near Withielgoose Mills comprising the original mine workings, undulating land with small ponds and semi-mature/mature trees etc.
  • Approx. 1 acre of wooded/overgrown land with road frontage to the south of Mulberry Downs quarry
  • Former tip site at Mulberry Downs – a small parcel of land situated in the centre of an agricultural field


The land is comprised within three parcels situated to the east of Withielgoose Mills, approximately ½ a mile south of Ruthernbridge and about 2½ miles south west of the large town of Bodmin. The main A30 is about 3 miles distant. The land is situated within the parish of Lanivet. 


The former open cast tin mine quarry was in use from about 1859 until about 1916. The area is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest because the opencast working has exposed excellent geological qualities of the rock. The sides of the mine are almost sheer. Mulberry Hill Mine was in its day the largest open cast working mine in Britain and the quarry is approximately 275m long x 40m wide x 36m deep. The surrounding land is mainly covered with bushes, oak trees, hazel, gorse, sycamore and bluebells etc.  There are two access tracks leading from the road to the quarry site.

The site is a most unusual wildlife haven having been largely undisturbed for many years. The site has potential for use as a sports/activity venue i.e. rock climbing, abseiling, zip wire etc, subject to appropriate planning permission, health and safety risk assessment and environmental consents etc.

The parcel of woodland to the east of the quarry site extends to just under 15 acres or thereabouts and has more recently been used as amenity hobby land. The land contains various former tip sites and shafts. The woodland is accessed over a track leading through woodland in other ownership. The track joins the Council maintained road running through Withielgoose Mills by the ford.

To the north of the quarry land in the middle of an agricultural field is a former tip now comprising a small parcel of land in a raised mound topography covered with gorse bushes and young trees.

To the south of the quarry land on the opposite of the access track is approximately 1 acre of wooded amenity land also covered with bushes, gorse and young trees etc.